About Scott

Hi, I’m Scott Blaine. I live and work in Omaha.


I am a programmer who loves building things on the web. The Internet is a fantastic place; you can do so many things with only a web browser these days. I’ll learn new programming languages and throw together web apps in my spare time because I literally cannot help myself.

Things I love

I <3 learning, first and foremost. I rip into things with a carnivorous desire to know them inside and out. I also love spending time with my wife and one two three kids, programming, playing video games, cooking, and writing.

What I do

For the first 6 years of my professional life I had the pleasure of working with an amazing team of Java developers. I spent most of my time with them as a project manager, helping to amplify their development efforts. I did this by converting business needs into technical goals, keeping everyone on the same page with the “just right” amount of communication, and in general trying my best to get my developers into the zone.

Eventually my desire to build things overcame my desire for managing projects and I joined my peers as a Java developer. I was subsequently made an offer I couldn’t refuse at a different organization and I made the leap to my second employer. After working with them for three years I decided to try my hand at freelancing. That was fun, but I found that finding new clients and executing on projects at the same time was not my cup of tea. So, after freelancing, I jumped to my third employer which is where I’m at now.

You can find more information about my career history on LinkedIn.

Why work with me?

You need someone who can solve problems. Someone who can jump into an unknown landscape and come out victorious. Someone who would be doing what he’s doing even if there weren’t a career in it, simply because he loves it. Someone like me. I’d love to find out if I can help you.

What people say about me

Here are some of the kind things people have said about me over the years. (They’re real quotes and real people, but I didn’t get their permission, so I haven’t included their names.)

“Scott, you are an amazing addition to any team that is fortunate enough to have you. This project was an absolute joy and privilege to work on because of your ability to organize, to focus, to innovate, and to lead. Thank you for everything!”

“Scott, thank you for all your hard work and dedication. Having you on the [team] has improved the quality of work we do, and made our jobs more enjoyable. Thanks for being willing to put in extra time and pick up extra projects to make things go smoothly.”

“Scott – Wow – you came in the middle of a crazy, complicated process and helped make sure things stayed on track. You learned quickly and put your knowledge to work in making the [site] a reality and to make it the best it could be. Your thoughtful approach helped us to think through our options and helped us sort out what was most important to our site. We truly value your partnership and are glad you will be a part of the ongoing development of [the site].”

“The [project] went smoothly, flawlessly, and on schedule. Thanks for leading the effort to make sure it went off without a hitch. It’s been a great success.”

I’d love to hear from you

Scott Blaine