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“We are checking MX records for your domain” for more than 48 hours

Are you setting up Google Apps’ email and seeing the message stating “We are checking MX records for your domain. This may take 48 hours to complete” for more than 48 hours? If so, this post should help you to fix it. I ran into this problem setting up a site recently. I set up my MX records, asked Google to check them, and waited for them to accept the records. But it didn’t happen, and the message on Google Apps never changed. I can’t tell you why Google isn’t accepting your MX records, but what I can tell you is that it’s likely that there’s an error lurking somewhere in them. My issue was that I had an extra MX record set with a priority of 0. So the first piece of advice is to look at your MX records and verify that they are, indeed, correct. Here’s how to do that. First, review Google’s instructions for setting up your MX records. You can do that at a URL like the following: — replace with your own domain name Second, review how your MX records are actually set up as viewed by the outside world. You can do that via the following URL: — again, replace with your own domain name That second URL is how I noticed there was an extra MX record in there. For whatever reason I didn’t catch it during the setup phase. Alright, so you checked that your MX records are now set up correctly, right? Good. Next you want to tell Google to check your MX records again. You can do that by logging into your Google Apps dashboard (at a url like — replace the domain name). Once you’re on, go to the Service Settings menu at the top and choose Email. Scroll down and click on the link that says: Instructions on how to activate Email. Then click on the Change MX records link. Scroll down again and click the button that says: I have completed these steps. If you do all of that it should drop you back on the Google Apps dashboard and tell you that Google will be done setting up your email in about an hour. That’s what worked for me and hopefully it helps you too (if it did help leave a comment and let me know).

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